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Ultra filtration Membrane technology developed by BARC (Govt. of India) 
.Nirmal Aqua Diamond - Water Purifier.

Nirmal Aqua Diamond - Water Purifier

Purifying Capacity - 30-40  iitres/hour Filter Cartridge - Multi layer + Membrane+ Membrane Ultra Filtration Membrane Cartridge (0.01 Micron) Manufactured using Patent Technology of BARC Mumbai One year Warranty.  ...

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.Ideal Nirmal Aqua - Water Purifier.

Ideal Nirmal Aqua - Water Purifier

Model - Ideal Nirmal Aqua Purifying Capacity - 30 Litres/per hour Inlet Water – Pressure (Min) - 0.3 Kg./cm 2 Input Voltage - NIL  ( without electricity ) Ultra Filtration Filter Cartridge - Membrane, 0.01 micron ultra filtration (UF membrane technology...

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.Nirmal Aqua - Water Purifier.

Nirmal Aqua - Water Purifier

Three Stage Online Water Purifier. Easy to install , operate and maintain. Safe from water born diseases. This purifies all physical, chemical & microbiological impurities. No Electricity consumption & No Maintenance cost....

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India's No. 1 Water Purifier

Nirmal Aqua is manufacturer of water purifiers are particularly designed for masses to give pure water at low cost, Maintenance free and No electricity required. We are engaged in providing our customers with a skillfully designed range of Water Purifiers. These water purifiers helps in intelligently removing bacteria, viruses and other dissolved physical impurities.

BARC (Govt. of India) has developed Ultra filtration Membrane technology water purifiers. Nirmal Aqua purifies all physical, chemical & microbiological impurities. The membrane (polysulfone material) filtration process in which the porosity is 0.01 micron that eliminates bacteria & Viruses. Along with it, activated carbon functions by removing complete odour, color & other chemical impurities that are highly dangerous & toxic for human health.

In the UV based water purifiers only the DNA of bacteria is deactivated & it cannot kill the viruses the decayed bacteria & turbidity remain in the UV treated water. As far as the reverse osmosis process is concerned, the water purifiers which use this technology remove even the total minerals & salt.

Quality Standards

We focus on helping you protect your family against water borne diseases. We offer the products technology developed by BARC (Govt. of India)  the trusted technology in India. We make sure that the products are procured from genuine sources

Research and development

It is the originality of our Research and development team that we are able to meet new challenges productively. They are a skillful who have deep product and technology knowledge. Their effort is to enhance the capacities of this technology and optimize it to the maximum.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers and their expectations. From our first communication to the after sales service, we make sure that they have a specialized and optimistic experience. Our services are quick and satisfying to the customer. Besides we also offer free installation of the system at the preferred location.

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